Kayce Basques


The homepage of Kayce Basques.

Greetings. I'm Kayce. Welcome to my little home on the good ol' World Wide Web.

Currently I'm reading a lot. I'm also quite engaged in my work right now, which to be honest isn't always the case.

I work for Google as a technical writer. For 3 years I primarily wrote most of the docs for Chrome DevTools, and also dabbled in videos. I also wrote a lot of the Lighthouse docs. These days I manage the Web DevRel technical writer team. I'm also "content lead" for web.dev, meaning that I'm responsible for setting a direction for the site's content and making sure that all of our content aligns with that direction.

I write here and there on my blog about whatever topics strike my fancy. I mostly write about technical writing.

Here are some of my other profiles across the web:

Email me at kayce@google.com for Google-related stuff or kayce@basqu.es for non-Google stuff.

Design inspiration for this site: Stanford CS253: Web Security