The homepage of Kayce Basques.

Howdy. I'm Kayce. Welcome to my little home on the good ol' World Wide Web.

Currently I'm passionate about listening to and playing music (I play piano most consistently), dancing, and self-expression in general.

I work for Google as a technical writer. For 3 years I primarily wrote most of the docs for Chrome DevTools, and also dabbled in videos. I also wrote a lot of the Lighthouse docs. These days I'm "content lead" for web.dev, meaning that I'm responsible for setting a direction for the site's content and making sure that all of our content aligns with that direction. I also manage 2 other technical writers.

I write here and there on my blog about whatever topics strike my fancy. I mostly write about technical writing.

Here are some of my other profiles across the web:

Email me at kayce@google.com for Google-related stuff or kayce@basqu.es for non-Google stuff.