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Technically, I'm a writer.


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Career summary

I studied history at UC Berkeley. After job hunting for a few months I realized that I needed more marketable skill and experience. My solution was to do lots of small writing contracts on oDesk (now Upwork) and take computer science classes at my local community college. I did that for a year and then got my first full-time job at Arrayent, an internet of things platform. I worked there for 3 years and then Google poached me to work on its Web DevRel team. I wrote Chrome DevTools and Lighthouse docs for 4 years, and then for 2 years I managed Web DevRel's technical writers and led content strategy for After 6 years at Google I quit and took a sabbatical for 9 months. I then re-joined Google in May 2022 to work on Fuchsia. I'm now focused on hardware and low-level software documentation as a staff-level individual contributor.