Kayce Basques


Sabbatical Update (Week 9)

August 6, 2021

Summary: (30 July 2021 to 5 August 2021) Paused Bookworm Club development, finished reading Infinite Powers, started reading Water: A Very Short Introduction, started a 1-month technical writing contract.


I finished Infinite Powers by Steven Strogatz. It was excellent. On a 5-star scale, it was a 5. I started reading Water: A Very Short Introduction.

Last week

I continued building the Bookworm Club. I have most of the Goodreads logic finished. I'm about halfway done with the Open Library logic. In general I think I'm about 70% done with the MVP. I took some detailed notes on the current status of the project, so that hopefully I can pick it back up without too much loss of context in a month.

What's next

As of Thursday I started the 1-month contract which I mentioned in last week's update. I agreed to work on it for 3 hours every day until 1 September 2021. It was pretty fun to dig into a new product. I like that the project is constrained to a single month and that the daily workload is manageable. I like that I'm making connections in the startup world and helping some other people increase their odds of success. And it's comforting to replenish my money reserves.