Kayce Basques


Sabbatical Update (Week 7)

July 23, 2021

Summary: (16 July 2021 to 22 July 2021) Building the Bookworm Club, and reading Infinite Powers.


I finished The Deficit Myth. On to Infinite Powers by Steven Strogatz. It's a wonderful pop-sci book about the history and applications of calculus. Learning math(s) was another one of those things that I've been wanting to do for a long time but could never find the time or energy for. This book could be the initial inspiration that I needed to start the journey.

Last week

Last week I started building the Bookworm Club. The gist of the website/app is to make it easier for readers to find other people all over the world who are reading the same book, so that they can discuss it together. I'm also creating a blog on that site where I'll discuss interesting ideas from books that I've read.

What's next

I'm going to continue working on the Bookworm Club.