Kayce Basques


Sabbatical Update (Week 24)

November 19, 2021

Summary: (12 November 2021 to 18 November 2021) Python class homework, exploring San Francisco, some initial Bookworm Club success, working on Technical Writing Guide, and planning the wedding.


I continued The Maya.

Last week

On Friday I spent quite a few hours doing homework for my Python class. On Saturday Gabi and I took a bus to the ocean and walked home (through Golden Gate Park). On Sunday Gabi and I rented a Revel moped (again) and drove through the Presidio. I didn't work on any projects on Saturday or Sunday. It was rejuvenating to have 2 days dedicated to rest and relaxation. On Monday I posted my old Why salt was so important post to HN (again) and it ended up making the front page (again). I pitched the book club service in the comments and got some registrations! That means the Bookworm Club got its first legitimate/organic users! I'm now debating whether I should continue work on the Bookworm Club or proceed with my technical writing projects. On Tuesday I worked on the Technical Writing Guide project. On Wednesday and Thursday I resumed wedding planning. On Thursday night Gabi and I checked out some wedding rings and then went to the Exploratorium. It was her first time at the Exploratorium and she loved it! We also had a lovely moped ride from the Exploratorium back to our home in the Panhandle.

What's next

I need to go deep into wedding planning!