Kayce Basques


Sabbatical Update (Week 21)

October 29, 2021

Summary: (22 October 2021 to 28 October 2021) Reading Thinking in Bets and M.L.K. Jr., enjoying San Francisco, working on the Bookworm Club and a technical writing project.


I finished Thinking in Bets. I'm now reading Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos Or Community?.

Last week

On Friday Gabi and I went to Club Deluxe with her classmates. On Saturday I went into a rabbit hole building a script that gathers and analyzes the recent earnings surprises for each member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. On Friday and Saturday I also completed the midterm quiz and assignment for my Python class. On Sunday we had an atmospheric river pass over San Francisco. I put on my rain gear and walked through Golden Gate Park a bit (watching out for widowmakers, of course). On Monday I worked out the DNS kinks for the Bookworm Club and built a fun feature on the sign up page. The placeholder for the email cycles through fictional email addresses for popular literary characters. I also built out the Bets section of this website. On Tuesday I wrote the Resulting post on Bookworm Club. On Wednesday I battle-hardened Bookworm Club a bit and enjoyed the Upper Haight neighborhood with Gabi. On Thursday I did some preparation for Outside Lands and started working on one of my technical writing projects.

What's next

On Friday Gabi and I are going to Outside Lands. Saturday is Gabi's birthday. Sunday is Halloween. I doubt I'll work much those days. After that I'm going to work on a couple technical writing projects I've been kicking around.