Kayce Basques


Sabbatical Update (Week 17)

October 1, 2021

Summary: (24 September 2021 to 30 September 2021) Developing the Bookworm Club, preparing for my partner's return, continuing to read Energy and Civilization, and continuing the Python class.


I continued reading Energy and Civilization by Vaclav Smil.

Last week

I resumed development of the Bookworm Club. I realized that the initial website architecture I came up with was just too weird so I switched it back to a more traditional setup. I was hesitant to do that because it's yet another delay to shipping something, but it felt necessary if I'm really going to work on this project long-term.

My partner is returning to the US from Brazil! I had various chores around preparing for her return (getting the keys to our new sublet, packing clothes, and so on).

The Python class continues. I completed the 3rd partner lab.

What's next

I don't expect to get much work done next week. I haven't seen my partner in over a month so we'll probably just want to enjoy each other's company, explore San Francisco, and tidy up our new temporary home.