Kayce Basques


Sabbatical Update (Week 1)

June 11, 2021

Summary: (4 June 2021 to 10 June 2021) Exploring Jericoacoara, updating my website, reading Trickster Makes This World, finding a useful habit tracking app.


On 3 June 2021 (the day before the official start of my sabbatical) I traveled with my partner and her family to a tropical paradise in Brazil called Jericoacoara. It's very famous within Brazil but doesn't seem that well known outside of Brazil (I had never heard of it, at least). So on 4 June 2021 (the official start date) I woke up settled into this new, beautiful environment. I really like how we timed that.

To get to Jeri you need to travel along the beach and through sand dunes. One thing I didn't know about driving through sand is that it helps to deflate your tires so you don't sink into the sand. I believe we dropped the pressure to 15 PSI.

The whole "village" is covered in sand. There are no concrete roads. The only vehicles you see are ATVs, dune buggies, and 4WD trucks. I put "village" in quotes because although that's what they call it, the reality is Jeri is a big tourist spot with probably 10-20K people (including the locals).

Like most of Brazil, there are stray dogs everywhere:

A dog lying down in the middle of a sandy road

Here's the view from our deck:

A photo of the view from our backyard

We go out and watch the sunset most days:

A Jericoacoara sunset


As mentioned in my sabbatical prologue I plan on focusing on one project per week. I didn't get off to a great start in that regard because I actually started 2 things:

  1. Reading Trickster Makes This World by Lewis Hyde.
  2. Refreshing my website and creating the sabbatical prologue blog post.

Because I enjoy reading so much I'm thinking that perhaps I won't consider it one of my "projects". Instead, I might consider it a daily habit.

Speaking of habits, I found a habit tracking app that pretty much provides everything I want and nothing I don't: Strides.

Although it wasn't the best start, I had also consciously decided to take it easy since this was my birthday week and since taking a sabbatical is a big life change and should be celebrated a bit.